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Stone Installation Solutions
Stone Installation Solutions are the fine mixture of various cementitious substances and chemical additives that are used as an adhesive to fix the tiles and designer stones on the walls and floors.
Professional Polishing Solutions
The Professional Polishing Solutions availed by us are widely used in construction applications to provide a protective and a glossy textured layer over the concrete surfaces which also protect the surface from chemical attacks.
Stone Protection & Enhancement
Stone Protection & Enhancement are the chemical solvents that are available in spray cans of various different sizes. These are used to protect the marbles, granite, natural stone and concrete structures from moisture, dirt, mould and mildew.
Marble Stone Stain Remover
Marble Stone Stain Remover are the highly powerful solvents that are made up of best grade chemicals which makes it very easier to remove the hard deposits and stains from the stones and various other cement structures without any damage.
Auto Scrubbers
Rennova Innovative Solutions is one of the best supplier and wholesaler of Auto scrubbers having different sizes and specifications. They are widely used for the efficient cleaning of the floors without any labour force.
Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
Commercial Vacuum Cleaners are the heavy duty electrical appliances that are used for the collection of solid waste and debris by the suction of these substances at a higher pressure due to the relatively low pressure generated inside these devices.
The offered Floor Maintenance systems consist of wide range of top quality highly reliable cleaning equipments that are used to clean the wooden or concrete floorings. They are available in various different designs that can be classified as per their size and specifications.
Manual Cleaning Tools
We offer a wide range of Manual Cleaning Tools such as scrubbing pad, brushes, brooms and many more. These are provided with rigid long handles that makes it very easy to handle these equipments while cleaning.